Monday, October 22, 2012

ColorSnap Studio

The other day my boss showed me an article on this new gadget for an ipad. She thought it would be a great thing to blog about and boy was she right.
So the hot new thing is called ColorSnap Studio it's an app for your ipad or phone! This thing is great! You can snap a picture of something like a wild flower you love the color of and upload it into the app and it will give you the closet Sherwin Williams paint color! Could you image?
I love these light pink flowers that grow outside my house and would love to have my bedroom painted to match and now I can!
The app even takes it one step further and you can view a room that closely matches a room in your own home and change the wall colors over and over again to find the right match of colors for you before you go through all the work of painting and finding out that shade of green you choice for your accent wall didn't go well with your lavender walls.
To top it all off it's a free app for your phone! I downloaded it as soon as I saw the article and it's been a great help! Try it today!!

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