Monday, February 20, 2012

Lead Paint Worries!

First lets start by saying, if your home was built after 1978 you actually have nothing to worry about!
But if your like most people your house is older, and according to my research lead based paint was used in over 38 million homes until it was banned. So your not alone! But what do you do? Well despite what you might think you don't have to have your lead paint removed. There are options for homes with lead paint that you don't have to tear apart your whole house, and will still make it safe for you loved ones. So before you go spending a ton of money because some guy scares you into it, give us a call as ASAP and we will give you your real options!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Idea's

Do you know what tomorrow is?? Yep! it's Valentine's Day! Maybe this year instead of giving your loved one flowers or chocolates or a sappy card you can give them something they will really love!! Have the house painted inside and out!! That's a Valentine's day gift they will never forget!! Only problem is topping it next year...but I've got an idea for that too!!! You can always visit our friends at Kitchen Concepts and next year re-do their kitchen!! And don't forget the year after that you can do their bathroom over!!! Gosh I've thought of everything!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wonderful Monday Mornings

Good Morning Everyone!
I know Monday's can seem the like the saddest day of the week...going back to work and all but here at ASAP Painting Monday's are the best! Around here we look at it as the first of the next 6 days that we get to make someone happy by helping them make their homes look the way they want it too. Some people may think that painting is simple, just slap a coat of paint on your walls and your done...but that's just not true! Sure some companies do that but NOT us! We take the time to come out to your home, speak with you to find out what you really want your home look like, then we take the time to write up an extimate that will give you the ability to add or subtract what you want done based on your budget! No pushy sales people here! We do what you want when you want it! Can't get it all done at once? We understand that and will keep your choices until your ready! Ellen and Jim, my bosses and the owners of ASAP Painting are two of the most down to earth people I've ever met, they work with you 100% of the way until your fully satistified! Don't believe me that this could all be true AND be simply AND be stress free?? Come down or call me (Kate) today and we'll start the process!!